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Autwomatic Plus

Maximum performance and optimal control of the purification process on touchscreen. The range of equipment Autwomatic Plus produces Purified Water Type II (according to the ASTM standards) of high quality and RO water (Type III), incorporating the highest technology in production and quality control of Purified Water.

Versions Code Type II Water
Production rate System of double osmosis Purification Module Type II Watter Storage tank UV Lamp Final filter 0,22 μm
Autwomatic Plus
3 L
QA03DP 3 l/h - X 30/50 Liters - -
Autwomatic Plus
UV 3 L
QA03DPUV 3 l/h - X 30/50 Liters X X
Autwomatic Plus
5 L
QA05DP 5 l/h - X 30/50 Liters - -
Autwomatic Plus
UV 5 L
QA05DPUV 5 l/h - X 30/50 Liters X X
Autwomatic Plus
HC 5 L
QAHC05DP 5 l/h X X 30/50 Liters - -
Autwomatic Plus
QAHC05DPUV 5 l/h X X 30/50 Liters X X
Autwomatic Plus
10 L
QA10DP 10 l/h - X 50 Liters - -
Autwomatic Plus
UV 10 L
QA10DPUV 10 l/h - X 50 Liters X X

 Quality of Type II Water to 25º

- Conductivity < 1 μS/cm.
- TOC¹ < 30 ppb.
- Bacteria¹ < 0.01 ufc/ml
- Particles ¹ >0,22 μm/ml<1
¹ Autwomatic Plus UV version
¹ These values are typical and may vary depending on the nature and concentration of contaminants in the feed water.


 - Preparing microbiological culture media
- Preparing buffer solutions
- Atomic Absortion - Flame
- Espectrophotometry 

Quality of Osmotic Water

Removal of:

- 95-98% dissolved inorganic salts
- > 99% of dissolved organic matter (PM> 100 dalton).
- >99,95% microorganisms and particles.


- Feeding of autoclaves and cleaning equipment.
- Cleaning glassware material

Based on a sequential purification: sediment filtration, dechlorinating, reverse osmosis, deionization with the option of Ultraviolet System and 0,22 μm Final Filter.

The disinfecting equipment uses UV radiation to reduce the 5 logarithmic cycles bacterial content, providing a water with minimum bacterial contamination for those users who require these conditions.

For those laboratory applications where bacterial contamination is essential, an amicrobic final filter of 0.22 μm ensures a bacterial count <0.01 ufc/ml Production equipment of 3, 5 and 10 l/h, combining pressure tanks of 30 to 50 liters, ensure a better quality of the final water, both in terms of ions and microbiological levels.

Dimensions (mm)






30 L Pressure Tank




50 L Pressure Tank 



HC Version (High Conductivity) for high inlet water conductivity.

The Autwomatic Plus HC incorporates a double Osmosis System, suitable to work with inlet water having high conductivity, improving performance and reducing the use of ion exchange resin.

Available in version 5 l / h.

Standard version and UV version with UV Lamp and Final Filter of 0,22 μm.

All the systems can supply Osmotic water simultaneously to thermo-disinfectors and autoclaves.


Freshly produced Type II Water , with no accumulation in a final tank

Water Type II dispensed by the equipment is always freshly produced. Differently from other equipment, there is no storage of the final water, in order to avoid its deterioration. Our systems store the osmotized water in a pressure tank.

Three Types of dispensing:

- Continuous
- Volume wise
- Time control


Through a 4,3” touch screen which monitors:

Water Quality

- Conductivity measurement of the inlet water, permeate reverse osmosis and the Water purified Type II in μS/cm, compensates at 25ºC.
- Performance of the Reverse Osmosis module (%)
- Temperature of the water (ºC).

Parameter Control

- Working hours of the different elements.
- Hours of operation of the equipment.
- Total Liters produced.


The system have an user passwords to limit the access to different menu levels.

User can set different values of control parameters according to the control requirements:

• Duration of pretreatment
• Minimum performance of the reverse osmosis module.
• Maximum conductivity Type II Water produced

Reset Counters


• Automatic operation according to the volume of stored water.
• Stop system due to lack of water
• Automatic cleaning of the Reverse Osmosis
• Warning for change of consumables

Maintenance, sanitization and calibration

Very simple system to use and maintain.

Very fast change of consumables, cartridges equipped with fast connection and anti-drip system.

Possibility of Sanitize the hydraulic circuit.

Equipment calibrated using certified standard traceable to national standards DKD

CE marking.

Hydraulic diagram

Technical Specifications

Autwomatic Plus Technical Specifications.pdf

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