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Ultraviolet systems


 Ultraviolet desinfection

ULtraviolets lamps emiting light at 254 nm have a germicidal action, destroying the genetic material of microorganisms. 
These lamps are appropiate for purified water disinfection, reducing significatively the number or microorganisms that are in water. 
The power and size of these lamps depend on the flow to be treated and the number of microorganisms presents in water:

UV lamps for desktop water purification systems
UV lamps with stainless stell housing for flows from 180 to 2,250 l/h en Inoxidable
UV lamps with electronic control for flows from 300 l/h to 3.7 m3/h

 TOC Reduction


The presence of small quantities of organic materia in the Ultrapure Water leads to very high values of TOC.

In order to eliminate such traces of organic materia out of our Ultrapure Water devices, they are equipped with a photo-oxidation lamp. This lamp emits 185 nm radiation (photo-oxidazer) and 254 nm radiation (germicidal).

The operation of the photo-oxidation lamp produces the transformation of the oxygen present in water into ozone, unleashing an activity that oxidizes the organic materia into CO2.

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