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Other industries

There are many activities that need to use Purified Water to meet process requirements or to improve performance. The degrees of purity demanded processes vary, but the use of Purified Water always improve the result


The variety of processes with requirements of Purified Water in extensive.

Generally Purified Water is used for two reasons: Because it is a requirement of the process and therefore be guaranteed using a quality water, or use an improvement process so that a better result is achieved.


Chemical Industry

Many chemical processes require different qualities of Purified Water to meet the specifications of the process and final product.


Our AUTWOMATIC and AUTWOMATIC RO PROCESS produce osmotic and Type II water from 20 l / h to 400 l / h


Watering circuits need Osmotized or Type II Water for prolonging the life of the diffusers. To avoid incrustations, reduces maintenance of the installation.

Our models Autwomatic Process (Water Type II) and Autwomatic RO Process (osmotized water) produced water from 3 l / h to 400 l / h.

Generators Hydrogen 

The Type II Water is minimal and essential for hydrogen generation process requirement. A better quality of water used, the better result.
Purification systems have modular and portable water for this process.

Our model AUTWOMATIC PROCESS produces water from 3 to 400 l / h

Restoration of work of art

Restoration centers artwork used Purified Water for cleaning various treatments to restore materials, avoiding the addition of salts to them


Our AUTWOMATIC and AUTWOMATIC RO PROCESS produce osmotic and Type II water from 3 l / h to 120 l / h

Electronics and Microelectronics

Ultrapure water is used for multiple applications in electronics and microelectronics Industry.

Our ULTRAMATIC and ULTRAMATIC MAXI  produce Ultrapure water from 1.1 l / m up to 6 l / min.

Our systems are fitted with photo Oxidation lamp to minimize organic matter present in the water (TOC <10 ppb)


Dental Clinics

The use of Osmotic Water or Type II in centralized systems improves cleaning and rinsing of surgical material - dental prior to sterilization, and prolongs the life of the hydraulic components of the dental chairs

Our Autwomatic Process and Autwomatic RO Process  produce Osmotic and Type II Water from 20 l / h to 120 l / h


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